Sicilian Limes

Are there Limes in Sicily?

Just got an interesting email from someone stating that the Italian Government claims there are no exports of lime juice from Sicilian Limes.  While it might not be exported, I have in fact seen limes in Sicily.  In my cousin’s grove across the street in Mascali (Catania, Sicily), I saw huge limes, but they were perhaps lemons green in color.  There is a very popular scent/cologne from Crabtree & Evelyn called “Sicilian Limes”.  To state that a citrus fruit could not possibly grow in Sicily defies logic.  We know about Sicilian Blood Oranges, which are reddish in color and taste more tangy than regular oranges, are grown in Sicily (and recently California), we know that Sicily is a tropical-like island with palm trees (Rome has them too) and to get such an odd email saying there is inaccurate information on about citrus is a bit strange.  So, I am reaching out to the rest of you.  I know lemons and oranges exist, but what about limes?  If one citrus would grow, why not another?  Any input or ideas?


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