First Pizza Since Lent

Today I had my first Pizza since Lent began.  I gave up both Pizza and Chinese food for lent in case I broke down and consumed either.  I made it through successfully, And this must have been my longest stretch of no pizza in my life.  My mother would make it each and every Friday till her passing.  My favorite was pepperoni, but in lent she would put black sliced olives.  So, I grew tired of the old things, giving up meat, candy, cursing, gin, soda, etc.   This year I gave up something I would truly miss, especially in my mother’s absence, so that would be the pizza she would make every Friday regardless.  So now that Easter has passed, my dear elder Calabrian friend wanted pizza, as did I after a few months.  So, I tried a new place in town.  They made a great vegetable pizza (fresh broccoli, onions, peppers, sliced tomatoes, mushrooms, little cheese and a thin crust).  They did a great job, and I will be back for their “Grandmas” square but very think pizza only topped with basil, tomato and little cheese. This, by the way is the REAL pizza. Sure, there are many claims as to which is real, but for us Sicilians, this is the real deal.  Its good to know a new place which opened between Domino’s & Pappa Johns is thriving… they will get all my business and support.  There are still real pizza makers, they are not all chains and/or people who were handed the business who found shortcuts from their ancestors… this is a good thing!


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