Buona Pasqua

Buona Pasqua & Happy Easter!

In these times, its important we recognize our tradition, faith and appreciate that we have a day of feasting with our family and/or friends.   Christianity is constantly under attack.  And while I do not appreciate all the stories coming out in the press about the Pope hiding sexual misconduct, we always have to remember that the Catholic Church does NOT corner the market on use/abuse of its powerful status in society.   Extreme liberals and/or athiests will be very quick to point out all the faults of the Catholic/Christian church, and I have to reluctantly have to side with the Pope on this one, to cancel out billions of Christians who try to do the right thing each and every day, we can’t let the few handful, dozen or hundred that don’t bring us all down.  We are good people, there will always be an abuse of power, but we should not let that define the rest of us who are sincere and devout.    My personal strategy this year is to not give money to my local church, but give it to a local charity instead… maybe even an international charity like Haiti or Chile, or the Red Cross as they see fit.  I am still a Christian, and just because are not 100% one hundred percent of the time, does not mean we are to be taken likely as hypocrites.  We have power as a people to still be true to our religion, faith, culture and tradition to continue on with our good will.  We just have to direct it in a different direction, charity or way of helping others.

Nothing in life, faith or even death is without its problems.  However, we can compensate for shortcomings by doing the good deeds Christ wanted us to do.  If its not appreciated, its fine.  Because someone, somewhere, is very very thankful they have a new pair of (old) jeans, a hot meal or even an old TV so they can watch their favorite show or even the news or sporting event.

While January 1st may mark the beginning of a new year, It is actually Easter that marks the new beginning of the new year.  Spring arrives, we come out from our homes because the weather is warmer, and this is the time to make new vows, resolutions and make a better life for ourselves, our families, friends and those around us in the community.  New Year resolutions come out of regret of over eating, over drinking maybe even over sexual conquests, but Easter truly is the start of a new season where we can make a difference and go forward with a new attitude we normally would not have after partying from Thanksgiving through New Years.  Now is the time to renew — step up to the plate and let’s finish this year with a series of positive actions rather than self-centered ones that only server ourselves.


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