Reheating Calamari

How to Reheat Calamari Leftovers

Well, when is there EVER leftover fried calamari?  For me, once, when I ordered it along with a pizza from one of the better pizzerias.  I thought it would be portion for 2, but it was enough for 4 people as an appetizer.  They were the first and only Italian takeout place to ever get it right.  Crispy, crunchy, perfectly cooked, they even cut a hole in the top of the tin/plastic container so the heat would not make them soggy.  IN any case, Franco’s in West Caldwell gets my vote not only for best takeout calamari, but best calamari anywhere I have tried.

But now, what to do with all this left over calamari?  I let it cool, put it in a plastic container, stored in the refrigerator, did some research online, and the best way to do it is spread it over a baking sheet, hopefully with parchment, foil if you do not have parchment, oven set at 450F for no more than 5-7 mins.  Sure, it might be a little more chewy than the first time, but its still good and still worth eating.  Just remember to have fresh wedges of lemon to squeeze over it.  I prefer it over the marinara sauce, but either way, it still works.  Like wine, calamari is not a familiar leftover, but if you do find yourself with it, just reheat it (not in a microwave) and it should be nearly as good.

There are also other recipes that will suggest doing it “thai” or Asian style, I am all for that, its a difficult leftover… you cant reheat it without cooking it more, and that will result in overcooking it.   However, do it gradually and it will still be a delicious appetizer should you ever find yourself with calamari leftovers.


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